Core Solutions

The Blazing Edge of Innovation


Core Solutions

The Blazing Edge of Innovation


Q. What does 5G mean?

5th Generation Wireless Technology.

Q. What is WildFire 5G?

WildFire5G is a new high speed wireless communications network. Wireless Internet works in exactly the same way as a ‘wireless’ radio. A central transmitting station broadcasts radio waves over a specific area and those radio waves are received by an aerial connected to your radio when you switch it on. WildFire5G Internet is connected to a high capacity dedicated fiber optic carrier capable of supplying Internet at enormous speeds. Specialized, long range, wireless transmitting equipment broadcasts this Internet signal from a central point.

Technology road map

At the heart of Wildfire 5g burn experienced, energetic, engaged, engineers. Our team have rigorously tested, approved and combined state-of-the-art components to produce a novel proprietary network designs that are faster, lower cost and more secure.. WildFire5G are committed to building the fastest and latest wireless networks. Our hybridized solutions allow for dynamic adaption that allows networks to be upgraded as new technology becomes available. Every interconnection is selected to be compatible with one or two generations of improvement for the base equipment currently in use. Our “Non-Line of Sight” equipment is configured to support a 10 fold increase in performance via transmitter switching protocols.


Synergistic modules that yield incredible results are the core of our solution.   Our super-fast chipsets featuring are fully compatible with Wi-Fi standards. Sector antennae enable a denser, broader reach of wi-fi that radiates up to 1,800 feet and 120 degrees, with circa four miles of coverage. With this hybridized technology, we are able to overlay a blanket of high speed internet across villages, towns and cities rather than with individual hotspots.


Some of the features within our core technologies would include:

  • Solutions designed for maximum performance against clear, present opportunities

  • Network costs <50% less expensive than alternative wired solutions

  • Grafting various wireless technologies onto fiber infrastructures

  • Proprietary solutions tailored to market segment applications

  • Unique Hybrid solution at the forefront of technology

  • Network protected for both content and security

  • Network speeds of over 100Mbps available

  • High performing networks already in place